5 DVD set LIVE at LYFE Yoga

My 5 DVD set is Kundalini Yoga for stress & anxiety:
Basic Spinal Energy Series-beginner
Stress Set for Adrenals and Kidneys-beginner
Opportunity and Green Energy Set (for the heart)-intermediate
Awakening to your 10 Bodies-intermediate
Body Adjustment to Elevate the Spirit-intermediate
All DVD’s are live classes filmed at LYFE Yoga Center in Hermosa Beach, CA.  Approximately 30 minutes each.

$75 for setbuy-now-gold

$20 per single DVD (1 class)buy-now-gold


buy-now-gold$20 ea.

DVD & T-shirt special

$350 Deposit for “Bliss Yoga Retreat” Save your space!


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FREE 11 day/11 minute Global
Meditation to Remove Negativity

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To Remove Negativity! 

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Hope to see you in there! Let’s create peace within ourselves…….Sat Nam Valinda/South Bay Yoginis 11 days! 11 minutes! Get stress OUT of your body, Calm your mind, feel more peaceful and grounded everyday. ♥