I love how Webster defines “Intention”~

“the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered”.

Write your prayers this New years Eve. If you don’t pray, write your wishes.


First, take a moment to write down all that you want to let go of from your past; burn it, tear it up, make an offering to your highest self to start this year anew. Each time we do this we peel away another layer of who we are not, to become who we truly are. Let go of fear, anger, self-loathing, jealousy, guilt, doubt, things you think you can’t forgive….YOU name it, what’s your issue?

What’s holding you back from reaching your highest potential in THIS life?

OK, so once you’ve done that, write down all your wishes for 2017. Don’t edit yourself! Just write down what you are creating, what you want to create, what you wish for, what you would like to happen, dream big! Write it, write it, write it! The act of writing brings it into the physical plane, to the earthly manifest.

Then, put it in an envelope, bless it, write on it “This or something better Spirit, THY will be done”. (After all, we can’t see the big picture, it’s not for humans to know)

I draw Sacred Symbols (Om’s, Ek Ong Kar’s and Reiki symbols) all over mine & put it on my altar. If you don’t have an altar, put it in a safe place like your jewelry box or under a stone, crystal or candle, over your fireplace behind a candel. Read my blog about creating a sacred place in your home Creating Sacred Space

That’s it! Let it go, release it to God, Guru, Spirit, Father Sky, Mother Earth, whatever that is to YOU!

I love doing this as my New Years Eve Ritual! I’ve been doing it about 12 years now and am always amazed when I open mine from last year on New Years Eve and see what I have accomplished. If I didn’t accomplish it, I often see that something else happened in it’s place, or it just wasn’t meant to be.

I still want to create it, I put it on my list for the next year. Remember many people make resolutions that never stick, but I promise if you write down your “intentions” this year something magical will happen!

Om Sat Nam, Valinda

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