15 years ago I discovered Yoga. It changed my life! 6 months ago I discovered Kundalini Yoga w/Valinda. I tried various classes & Valinda’s was by far the best. Now, I’m on the highway to enlightenment & Valinda is my favorite & only teacher. I attend her classes/workshops religiously because again, I am changing my life for the better. I thank God for bringing Valinda into my life

Wendy O’Brien

I’ve been taking Valinda’s kundalini classes for about 4 years, and I find them to be a tremendous practical, as well as spiritual resource. On the days when I attend her class I feel calm and energized — surely you can’t ask for more than that from any exercise or meditation. And kundalini is both! I feel privileged to have Valinda as my playful and encouraging guide through this ancient healing practice.

Grace Lovelace

As a prenatal yoga teacher in the South Bay, I regularly attend Valinda’s kundalini classes. It’s a must. It’s a way for me to connect to the feminine; that which is so needed in this society of going, doing, pushing forward (that which feels very masculine). In her classes, I soften. The walls come down. I am then better able to serve my pregnant clients at a time when connecting with the feminine is so greatly needed for birthing their babies. Thank you Valinda for your humble, friendly and welcoming approach to kundalini.

Certified Pre/Post- natal Yoga Instructor
Founder, Mindful Beginnings

Lisa Pedersen, LCSW

I have enjoyed Valinda’s kundalini classes for almost 10 years. Valinda’s embodiment of her practice, both on and off the mat, create a magical yoga experience week after week. I schedule my time around her classes for I know if I attend Valina’s class, the rest of my life falls more effortlessly into place. Everyone I’ve brought to her class is now hooked on kundalini!

Lisa Grady Mother,
Mind-body Educator

There will never be enough (or the right) words to describe how Valinda opened my eyes and sent me on my life journey! Having tried several forms of yoga and never connecting with any of them, I had all but given up on my search to find a yoga practice that resonated with me. Then a dear friend encouraged me to keep an open mind and try Kundalini Yoga. She described a class that used chanting, simple postures, breathing techniques and music. That was over a year ago and from that very first feeling of the kundalini energy spinning up my spine, I have never looked back! Now as a regular practitioner, I am amazed at how few people have experienced this wonderful form of yoga. However, Valinda’s class is so much more than a yoga class! It is a spiritual journey each and every time I am on the mat with her and my classmates. We are a community within and the combined energy of the room is both exhilarating and liberating. I feel so very blessed to have Valinda with me as I walk this path called life. Sat Nam!

Erica Stearns

After over 2 1/2 years of practicing Kundalini Yoga with Valinda I have experienced so much. This is different from the “standard” yoga experience. I have received and thrown away, laughed with joy, cried and released negativity and sadness,learned more acceptance and tolerance. I have felt a sense of community and caring from others. I have gained a stronger sense of my higher self and its presence which is a part of me all the time while still being content in my “earth suit” and accept my humanness-balance. And…more


I came down to Redondo Beach from Portland, Oregon after all the constants in my life came to a close. I was here temporarily for reflection and to grasp the situation as a positive one. I’d taken one Kundilini class in Portland and knew the power the practice could have. Valinda is a warm and energetic soul who really pours her all into not just the knowledge of Kundalini, but into living life to the fullest. The class itself has opened me up spiritually in ways I never knew possible and allowed emotion to flow in ways I’d never experienced. For the first time ever, I feel the hope that I may have the strength to unfold into another level of life. Valinda has been an absolutely inspiring guide to come across. Redondo Beach is lucky to have her.

passing through

I really enjoy Kundalini Yoga with Valinda, because it makes me feel like a child again. Every time you go to a Kundalini class it is like a new adventure. A unique experience awaits you and you get an enjoyable cardio work-out.

Cheryl Gant,
Student of Valinda’s for 2 years

Well Valinda my kundalini experience is awesome.  To me Kundalini is a health builder like nothing else, after each class with Valinda I feel the prana or (Chi or Ki) with my body. You don’t need to be in great shape to begin, but in my opinion these exercise are great for anyone who is recovering from health challenge, also kundalini should be part of therapy at all hospitals.