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Activate Peace, Be Centered, Just Be

How? I call it unconditional radical self acceptance…..and I can show you how to get there!
I am super excited to be launching my signature yoga, meditation and wellness program


You absolutely can experience calm within yourself,  settle your nerves, and feel relaxed


You might be saying….”if only I weren’t so anxious all the time”, “if only I had a moment to myself”, “if only I could get “unstuck”. Well, I am here to tell you


because I did!
You CAN transform your daily energy.  You can learn to assimilate simple practices into your daily routine to change the way you re-act to daily stressors.
These techniques I teach you will:

Transform AND
Activate your Authentic Self

Welcome! My name is Valinda Cochella. I have a Masters Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy and worked as a therapist for many years. I have been perfecting all of these techniques for 24 years.

I can’t wait to share them with you! I have also been studying Yoga & Meditation since 1994 and teaching in the South Bay of Los Angeles since 1999, when I founded South Bay Yoginis. My passion for Kundalini Yoga has propelled me to study it for 18 years now, completing 5 years of advanced studies. 
Before I had my daughter in 2004 I was able to go to as many yoga classes and workshops as I wanted. I was constantly immersing myself in classes, trainings, and workshops.

It kept me happy!

Although my daughter brings me so much joy, one of the most difficult things for me was losing my yoga practice and losing myself.

Jumping in my car and going to night yoga classes, and workshops on the weekends, were no longer an option. It took me years to come to grips with this reality.

When I began my daily, home practice -simple daily practices I could do ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.-is when my healing truly accelerated.

I hope you will join me on this journey into YOURSELF!

The most important journey EVER!
“Still Your Mind, Open Your Heart, Speak Your Truth & Live Your Dreams!” I am


Book a one time $20, 20 minute “Clarity Call” Angel Card Reading online session NOW! 

Click here>>>>>> YES! Book Me!

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