I’m coming Out (of the broom closet) I want the world to know…….

  Yep! You read that right! I’m coming out as an Intuitive Reader  🙂  I’ve been reading cards, talking to people’s ‘higher selves’ and practicing ‘intuitive practices’ for 30 years

When I hear/see spiritual people saying “follow your bliss” I always cringe. If I followed my “bliss” all the time I might be sleeping late, sitting around eating bon bons

I recently asked a question on Facebook: “What results do get from practicing Yoga/Meditation? And if you don’t practice…Why?” Boy! I didn’t realize the responses I would get! I said

Do you put your health and wellness first? In my live Yoga/Meditation classes I often share what works for me in my life and what I practice weekly/daily…..23 years on

Psalm Isadora 9-17-1974 to March 25, 2017 Beauty, Success, and Joy……… Social Media and Illusion: Breaking the Mask:  A Tribute to Psalm Isadora The Yoga world lost a powerful beautiful

My teacher, Yogi Bhajan says….Stop searching and begin practicing….   As many of you know I have been diligently working on my online business for a year now. Every. Day.

Recently I woke up in a really “bad mood”. Why does this happen? What part of my life could I possibly be un-happy with? I do all these practices everyday,

I’ve been working with resistance in my own life…force vs. allowing, acceptance vs. action, neutrality vs. re-acting. What to do in these times? What is the answer? I’m on day

  The teachings I’ve been studying for 23 years have taught me so much, and changed my life so much. But applying it to our lives is really what matters