I pride myself in being healthy and working out at least 5 days a week! 

For me it’s easy because I am a Yoga Instructor and spend my days teaching Yoga & Meditation.

Valinda Cochella, South Bay Yoginis

http://SouthBayYoginis.com @ValindaYoga

I want to be healthy, look good, be a role model for my daughter and students.

It’s easy for me to pop into a class/eat right/do cardio? Right?


You guys, I literally have to force myself, it’s not easy! 

So you know what got me to 4 spinning classes, 1 Nia Class, Zumba classes & Yoga class all year weekly?


Just show up!

All year when I came up against my own resistance to work out, it looked like this:

My little girl (inside my head) saying “I don’t feel like it”, “I need a break”, “I do so much, everyday” “I don’t want to”

Then I would say to her “You know, let’s just show up!” “You don’t have to go all out, or try hard, or push yourself” “Let’s just go”

And you know what guys?


At one point I would even say “Let’s just ride on the bike for 5 miles”

and do you know most of the time I doubled that!

I actually have more energy, feel so good about myself, am happier and more present when I pick up my daughter everyday!

This also works in my Yoga/Meditation practice; especially when I am doing a 40 day Sadhana (daily spiritual practice).


Let me know what happens….need some daily inspiration?

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