“Do what you CAN, with what you have, where you are”- Theodore Roosevelt

Have the courage to do what you CAN do. It’s not easy. Show up. Be present.

Live to your highest potential. Live your life as an example. I have a lump in my throat every time I hit “publish” on my blog.

I want to throw up every day when I get up to teach in front of a classroom of people. (Sorry if that’s TMI! 🤢)

I have anxiety and I have had it my entire life. I came from abuse and alcoholism and walking on eggshells to not rock the boat.

But I did it….and I continue to do it…by the grace of God…

I moved to California to get away from the abuse.

I went to graduate school at UCLA with 0 money and 0 support and everyone telling me I would NEVER get in.

I did all of my Yoga teacher trainings with 0 $ and 0 support. I made it happen. My 1st training in 1999 (I’ve done 7 ) I paid $25 a week! And assisted in the others.

Yes YOU can! Stop telling yourself it’s too hard, it’s not for me, I’m too scared…drop the story and live your destiny


<3 Valinda


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