The teachings I’ve been studying for 23 years have taught me so much, and changed my life so much.

But applying it to our lives is really what matters right?

How do we LIVE our lives everyday, how do we interact with people in the world? what kind of mother/friend/teacher/sibling role model are we?

THIS is truly what matters, right?

Our relationships…..not how much Yoga & Meditation we are “doing”……

Yogi Bhajan taught us that we deal with stress mostly in 3 ways:

  1. We project it out on the world/people around us-blaming everyone else for our problems, “It’s YOUR FAULT” I’m angry, sad, depressed etc…
  2. We carry it physically in our bodies. We get injured over and over, sick, we have chronic migraines, etc…we hold it in, and it literally makes us sick.
  3. It affects our soul/spiritually we just want to give up, we become apathetic and just check-out.

He said this profound quote: “No-one gets destroyed from the outside”

I had to really think about that one….really?

But I’m screwed up from all of my abuse! I was abandoned! I was beat! My grandparents were murdered for God’s sake!

Don’t I get a “pass” to be angry, depressed, sad….because I have been a victim so much in my life?

Well sure! Go for it. Or rise above it.

It really is up to YOU.

We destroy ourselves with our own destructive patterns, our own thoughts, our own self-destructive behaviors, our own toxic patterns, relationships, judgements….you name it.

Or we can practice something different.

Practice creates the master.

What are we practicing?

Sat Nam,


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