Psalm Isadora 9-17-1974 to March 25, 2017

Beauty, Success, and Joy………

Social Media and Illusion: Breaking the Mask: 

A Tribute to Psalm Isadora

The Yoga world lost a powerful beautiful woman this week. This has deeply affected me. Not because we were close friends. We were FB friends. We spoke briefly 10 years ago about her blog. I watched her transformation on Social Media from barefoot broke Venice, CA yoga teacher making $30 bucks a class & travelling to India regularly to Tantric Sex Coach/Goddess making $10,000 a client. 

A Yoga Teachers dream right?

And she’s gone. She killed herself last Saturday night. I am sick to my stomach as I write this. First her friends said she had “passed away”. And I knew something was wrong, was it an accident? Murder? What the hell happened to a vibrant 43 year old woman/mother seemingly on top of the world? I watched her live-streams and chatted with her. I “liked” her posts and was like WOW look at her transformation. 

One of the last times I saw her on video she was meeting with one of the guys from Shark Tank and getting her own TV show on the PlayBoy Channel….not my path, but good for her! I was happy for her!

And she’s dead. She “passed away” on Saturday night while her friends were out. 

Why? How could this have happened? Why didn’t she reach out for help? Why couldn’t she tell someone her truth? Was the Illusion too much? Was the pressure too much? What happened? How could she possibly have killed herself?

Everything seemed so perfect from the outside! 

I’m so sad. I’m sad because I really thought she was healed. I believed her live-streams and her media pitches and her perfectly crafted “copy”. 

I’m sad because I feel duped. I felt like I knew her, but I didn’t! 

I’m sad because this amazing, talented woman who had such a bright future took her own life! 

She was so powerful and helped so many women.

And she’s gone. I’m so sad. I grieve for the woman she could have been…almost 10 years younger than me. I grieve for the Illusion that I believed. I grieve because she didn’t feel like she could get help. I grieve for the part of me in her.

I’m so sad today. My heart is heavy…….

Crying my old griefs away. Crying for her. Praying for her soul. Praying for her son, her students and her friends…..May you be free Psalm, may you finally be FREE!


If you would like to help her son please click here for the “go fund me page”:

With Love,

Valinda <3