My teacher, Yogi Bhajan says….Stop searching and begin practicing….


As many of you know I have been diligently working on my online business for a year now. Every. Day.

What led me to do what I am doing in my life? To this moment?….

Intuition….always my intuition. Before I knew what it was, I followed it, I listened to it.

My Intuition moved me to California,

My Intuition led me to UCLA grad school,

My Intuition led me to Yoga Teacher Training,

and eventually to Kundalini Yoga & Meditation.  And now to an amazing group of online female entrepreneurs!

I see about 40-60 people a week in my Yoga & Meditation classes and a common question I get is

“Valinda how do I KNOW it’s my Intuition, and not something else?”

Practice meditation, practice yoga, stop searching, stop watching everyone else…..start a practice TODAY….

YOU have to DO IT.

Yoga Bhajan says do a practice, do a meditation and then ask yourself the question you need an answer to, and LISTEN for the answer.

The first 9 seconds YOU KNOW….and the rest is BS.

We do this process at then end of all of my classes each week……..


Just Listen!

Here’s a FREE Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Intuition with LOVE

just click PLAY…You can do it for 40 days! :)~Valinda