Recently I woke up in a really “bad mood”. Why does this happen? What part of my life could I possibly be un-happy with? I do all these practices everyday, I have an amazing life and yes, it still happens. What to do?

As growth-oriented people we are constantly looking to better ourselves right?

We must have a way to move our energy everyday. If energy doesn’t move, it gets stuck…that’s the making of DIS-EASE. So watch it, observe it, we don’t have to get “attached” to it. It’s old….. it’s my “default setting” (read my last blog) I have this level of happiness that I’m allowed and when I hit it, BOOM there’s that old self saying “This isn’t allowed”, so I “wake up in a bad mood”. We don’t have to freak out about it or over-think it. Eventually we laugh about it. “Oh hello there old self, I see you still there, I see you wanting to sabotage my success, happiness, joy, whatever it is…..” and that’s it.

One of my teachers, Guru Singh says your soul is like Bambi, and your ego is like King Kong, and maybe after 20 years King Kong says to Bambi “OK, so you are serious about doing this work”.

Then move! Literally MOVE! This is what I taught for years as a Dance/Movement Therapist! Walk differently, look up, breathe deep……

Put a timer on and shake uncontrollably for 1 minute, run in place, dance, sing, chant Om Om Om, or Sat Nam or Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo….MOVE ENERGY, make sounds, (E-motion, energy in motion) for 1-3 minutes. Sound vibration is the healing of the future. EVERYTHING is vibrating! Change the VIBRATION and EVERYTHING CHANGES. Just 1-3 minutes is all it takes. And if you don’t want to change it, sit with it, become aware of it, watch it BE IT.

I call it the outside-in REVOLUTION. According to Wikipedia-from the Latin word Revolutio- “a turn around”, “Modification of an existing condition” so you CAN change the OUTSIDE and eventually the inside HAS to change, it just can’t argue anymore. This is why I love Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, I sit down, move my spine, shake, breathe, do my practice and I become more neutral, more aware, more open, when I finish.

I don’t want to re-act to my life anymore. I want to BE PRESENT, BE OPEN, BE AWARE, BE CURIOUS, WATCH.

Sat Nam,

Valinda 🙂

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